Choices ! FitChoice the 90-Day FitChoice LifeStyle Challenge

Choices ! FitChoice the 90-Day FitChoice LifeStyle Challenge

Make sure your New Year’s resolutions which were new in January are still  as strong as they were.

If you feel like a lot of people, that the first verve of enthusiasm is waning, why not have some help to getting you  to your target ?

Get your own personal coach, someone who has been there and who understands the minefield.

Neways’ FitChoice takes into account an individual’s eating habits and helps the user discover the right path in defining their specific fitness and weight consciousness requirements.

It takes into account an individual’s level of comfort with goal setting and lifestyle change and helps the user discover the right fit for their specific needs.

  • Fitness and diet tips from independent experts.
  • Goal setting and coaching information.
  • Online Support tools to help you personalise and track progress

Simply put, FitChoice gets each user started on their customised way to a better, more fulfilling, and healthy lifestyle.

It’s the next best thing to having a personal trainer, a dietician, and a team of doctors and psychologists on hand to help you achieve fitness and weight related goals.

Take a look at the FitChoice programme, it has helped  and is helping many ! It has certainly helped me !

Go to, click on the FitChoice logo, select language and discover the benefits  of FitChoice !

Plus, by starting on a 90-day FitChoice programme now, you’ll be ready for summer !

Read success stories :-
Tina Cartwright
52, Mobile Beautician, Surrey

“My self-esteem is at an all-time high and I can’t get enough of the compliments.”


I was so proud of my achievement with FitChoice when I completed my first 60 days on the programme and submitted a testimonial.I had lost 1 stone 3lb in weight and 28 inches in total from my measurements.  fitchoice_testimonial_tinacartwright_after

I felt fitter, less tired and was well on my way to changing my eating habits and lifestyle in an easy and sustainable way.

I didn’t think it could get much better, but at 90 days I can honestly say it has.

More :-




Jo Jones
46, Mother & Gym coach, Devon

“I too was falling victim of the dreaded middle aged spread !”       

“I’m an Acrobatic Gymnastic coach and Windsurf instructor.

I have always had an interest in keeping fit and healthy eating and thankfully have never had a weight issue or even been on a diet.

However, once I had turned 40 I found it increasingly difficult to maintain my shape so when I started the FitChoice programme, my goal was to shape up and lose the extra layer.



I am delighted with the results I achieved in just 60 days on this wonderful programme. I love the connection with the mind and body; it’s totally holistic and nurturing.

more :-

” I feel like I am getting my fit body back !”

Author:Maggie Pascoe (G+)

About Maggie Pascoe

By helping enough people achieve what they want to achieve, you will achieve your goals !l My aim is to help people get what they want in life, to improve their health & life & have the same satisfaction by helping others.


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