Psoriasis Testimonial: S Booth

My name is Sue Booth and I have suffered from psoriasis since the age of 11. During the next 10 years I have had many different forms of treatment. I had never been advised that any of the treatments could be in any way harmful. Unfortunately I now know different. I knew that the steroid creams over the years had thinned my skin and also lost their effectiveness, which would mean increasing the strength of the creams. I wasn’t overly happy about this.

I was lucky enough to have a meeting with Dee Mower not long after I joined Neways and asked if there was anything that I could do for my skin. I followed the regimen religously for a couple of weeks and found that the lesions had lost their raised appearance and their redness. Continued use of the system improved my skin dramatically allowing me to wear sleeveless tops, skirts etc. When I first started using the products I noticed that my skin increased in redness and then subsided. I have just returned from a trip to the USA where the chlorine content of the water has made my skin flare up again. After just 3 days it is now back under control and nearly gone.

My main concerns about using damaging drugs and the side effects they cause, were for my long term health. I don’t have to worry about that now as Neways products are completely safe and have no harmful ingredients in them. It is also quick and easy to administer as well. It’s a brilliant alternative treatment that actually works!

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