Circulation/Eczema: M Barwick McElroy

I started taking MAXIMOL and REVENOL about a month ago. I’d been taking multi-vitamins already, on the suggestion of my doctor, and swapped to taking MAXIMOL and REVENOL after using Neways skin care products and finding them so marvellous for my eczema.

Quite honestly I wasn’t expecting anything in particular from the supplements as I felt that I already had a very good diet and had been taking recommended vitamins for over a year.

I have very poor circulation following childhood polio – since the onset of the late effect of polio – get extreme fatigue and have low stamina. Since having a couple of foot ulcers I check my feet – on district nurse’s orders – every evening. A couple of weeks after taking MAXIMOL and REVENOL I noticed that the toes on my right foot were pink. My heart sank. Oh, no! The start of another ulcer – and I had been so careful. I felt my toes, they were warm, but there was no sign of rubbing or pressure. I was puzzled, because my toes are never warm unless something has warmed them up. The next night, again, warm, pink toes.

It actually seems that my circulation has improved, so that now my feet stay warm, and are hardly swollen at all.

As if that wasn’t enough, I have got more physical ‘bounce’ and stamina, and generally am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! Friends who haven’t seen me for a while are startled by the change in me, and I must confess to being thrilled by the change in myself – life is just so much more fun with a bit of energy and stamina.


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