Hydracial System components now available individually

We realise that a skincare regimen follows basic steps but can be unique to individuals. To help you integrate Hydracial into your lifestyle we’ve made each of the fabulous items in Hydracial available individually.

Follow the three regimen steps to optimise results.

STEP 1 – UPDATED Skin Serum Concentrate
We’ve kept the same proven ingredients and formulation, but have introduced a new pump component which now contains 6ml – that’s twice as much as contained in the previous Serum format. A cutting-edge formula with precision application to help target those troubled areas, refirming sagging skin, and reactivating collagen and elastin synthesis.

After cleansing with your preferred TrueTouch Cleanser simply dispense 5 to 6 pumps onto your finger and apply to areas of concern.

Size: 6ml | Item Code 1974


STEP 2 – Hydracial SkinMoisture Masks
Hydracial™ SkinMoisture Mask is a luxuriously soft facial mask infused with premier anti-ageing ingredients enveloped in a cooling hydro-gel. Comfortably fits your unique face shape rejuvenating surface cells and flooding wrinkles with vital moisture and ingredients. A refreshingly cool and invigorating experience which leaves skin feeling silky –soft.

Contents: 12 masks | Item Code 1987JP


STEP 3 – Hydracial Skin Vigor Creme
As the final step in the Hydracial™ Anti-Ageing Skin Care System, Skin Vigor Creme invigorates and restores the skin’s natural framework for long-term firmness, resilience, and luminosity. It also helps to protect skin from external pollutants whilst locking in the precious active ingredients from Steps 1 and 2.

Size: 46g | Item Code 1984JP



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