What is a goal?

What is a goal?

by Guest blogger – Ashley Rickard

A goal is a dream with an ending, in other words a plan and a deadline. Without a goal how do you know if and when you got there?

You don’t get in your car and not know where you’re going, that would be very silly, but most people don’t even set goals with the most important thing. “Their Life” in fact they spend more time organising their annual holidays than planning their future.


Ask yourself what is the purpose of your life; what do you want to happen in the future for you and your family. (All successful people have a strong sense of purpose for their lives).

Write down your goals as if they had already happened describe what you want to achieve, clearly describe what you want and commit to making it happen, write your goals in the present tense this helps your mind to accept them and remember to be positive,

Write a list of all the things you need to do to achieve each goal, breaking the goals into bite size chunks can help to make them less daunting.
Read your goals 3 or 4 times a day, imagine yourself achieving your goals, visualize a picture in your brain, see it, feel it, believe it.
Place times and dates on your goals, these help to stop procrastination (most of us will put off what we can do today until tomorrow)

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