Weight loss – FitChoice Success Stories

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Weight loss – FitChoice Success Stories

If you are still looking for an extra dose of motivation before embarking on your own personal FitChoice lifestyle journey, then take a moment to read these remarkable FitChoice success stories and be inspired by seeing how they have successfully transformed their lifestyle thanks to the FitChoice programme.

“My self-esteem is at an all-time high and I can’t get enough of the compliments.”

Tina Cartwright
52, Mobile Beautician, Surrey




I was so proud of my achievement with FitChoice when I completed my first 60 days on the programme and submitted a testimonial. I had lost 1 stone 3lb in weight and 28 inches in total from my measurements. I felt fitter, less tired and was well on my way to changing my eating habits and lifestyle in an easy and sustainable way.

I didn’t think it could get much better, but at 90 days I can honestly say it has.

I had lost a lot of fat around my stomach I discovered a lump which required major surgery. I recovered from this in a substantially shorter time than expected. The doctors suggested this was due to being in such good health prior to the operation and having such a positive mental attitude towards recovery.

Whilst I was recovering at home I experienced a true test of my new attitude to food as I frequently became bored (I am an Emotional Eater). Whenever I turned to the fridge, I focused on whether or not I was actually hungry and mostly decided I wasn’t so shut the door without snacking. Consequently, despite not being active or indeed ‘being on the FitChoice programme’ for a few weeks, I continued to lose weight.

Before                                                  After !






Now as I pass the 90 day stage – I am leveraging the goal setting tools and making more time for myself including joining a gym. I have now lost a total of 2stone 2lb and 35 inches from chest to thigh. I look and feel younger and have more energy than I have had for two decades.

I experienced a very emotional shopping trip recently whilst buying new trousers. I took several size 16’s into the changing room as they were a size smaller than I bought last time and I actually nearly cried when all of them were too big and I had to buy size 14 which I haven’t done since my late 20’s. That is a 3 size drop since I started on FitChoice. I can now buy clothes that I love rather than clothes that are designed to hide my body shape.

It is also an unbelievable feeling now when people I have known for years don’t recognise me and my friends and clients still comment about how good I look every time they see me.

My confidence and self-esteem are at an all-time high. I no longer dread looking in the mirror and I haven’t finished yet. Size 12 here I come…

— Tina Cartwright

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