Obesity : The Modern Food System, the Roots of it and a solution

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In a multi-part BBC documentary by investigative reporter Jacques Peretti, the foundational reasons behind the obesity epidemic are revealed        
Government and the food and beverage industry have massively contributed to your expanding waistline by promoting low-fat diets, processed foods, CAFOs, and foods loaded with sugar (especially fructose) and artificial sweeteners
Today’s sky-high rates of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease can be tied directly to changes in how our food has been grown and produced over the past 40 years
Humans are genetically programmed to seek energy-dense foods, which served us well thousands of years ago when food was scarce but is maladaptive in today’s environment of readily accessible, cheap, high-calorie but nutritionally bankrupt foods; the modern diet has tripped our “fat switch,” as Dr. Richard J. Johnson discusses in his new book
Even if you appear lean and healthy, you may have a dangerous buildup of fat around your internal organs; MRI scans are revealing people are accumulating more visceral fat, which is the most dangerous kind of fat for your health.   11/10/2012 Dr Mercola



But there is now an answer !

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