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Guest blog:

Hi, friends, it’s Holly Stone,

senior brand manager in personal care.

I know a secret, but it is not the kind I want to keep.

In fact, just the opposite: I want to share it with everyone I know and meet.

You see, in my 21-year career in fashion and beauty, I have seen and tested a lot of products, from jars of cream more expensive than caviar to bottles of home potions.

But my skin has always been quite average, nothing special.

Until now. I am using a revolutionary product, and my skin literally feels more radiant each time I use it.

The product?

TrueTouch Brightening C Complex.

The secret? The science behind TrueTouch Skin Care.

Since joining Neways three years ago, I have witnessed firsthand the technical consultation of science and the quest for excellence that goes into formulating effective skin care products. The result is smart skin care that delivers what skin needs where it needs it most.

I now actually get compliments on my skin! Can you see why I want to shout my secret from the rooftops?

The satin feel of the gel enriched with vitamin C is where the smart science comes into play.

Did you know that vitamin C can be a powerful antioxidant? Neways knows how to create an effective antioxidant gel by formulating it without water.

The wonderful benefit of this anhydrous gel is that it prevents vitamin C from degrading or oxidizing, a process that reduces the vitamin’s effectiveness. When I use TrueTouch Brightening C Complex, my skin tone appears more even, as if backlit with a glow. And I am confident because I know Neways studies science to create these wonderful products.

Each application of TrueTouch Brightening C Complex is a little moment of luxury. The gel feels like veils of silk gliding across my skin, and the crisp scent triggers imagery of little oranges filled with vitamins dancing across my complexion. My skin feels refreshed and supported to start the new day.

This is also the easiest product to introduce to someone else. When I use the tube to draw a smiley face on the back of other people’s hands, they instantly start to smile as they feel the satin gel, smell the fresh orange, and see the radiant texture. They are hooked by their senses and their smile, my special secret to a positive first impression.

To learn more about the fantastic benefits of TrueTouch Brightening C Complex, check out our product data sheet.

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Product of the month –  December

TrueTouch Brightening C Complex is a year-round skin and complexion formula which will brighten your complexion, moisturize and strengthen the skin’s natural defences, improve texture and firmness, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Its unique anhydrous (water-free) formulation glides luxuriously across skin, encapsulating a powerful form of vitamin C and delivering incredible complexion-enhancing benefits as your skin is bombarded with free radicals. Brightening C’s antioxidants and vitamin C are your most powerful allies when it comes to protecting yourself from environmental factors day after day.


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