Minerals for life !


You have a busy life … you try to eat the right things … you look after yourself

In today’s paced world, getting nutrients you need is more challenging than ever.

If you make time to ensure you and your family can eat healthy balanced diet,                        

then you are ready providing a great foundation for good health and well-being.

Dietary minerals play a vital role in sustaining healthy living and supporting vital body procesess.

Why do I need minerals food supplement?

Our body cannot manufacture minerals; we can only acquire them through food that we eat.

A healthy nutrient rich diet increases the efficiency of mineral uptake, but can you rely on your regular diet to provide all of the important minerals that you need?


  • Minerals support essential metabolic processes.
  • Required in different amounts every mineral has its important role.
  • Unfortunately the human body is unable to manufacture the minerals it requires, and is entirely reliant on diet to provide them.
  • Even with the best intentions you may not get all the minerals you need from your diet

All of these minerals and more, are included in the Maximol Mineral Matrix –                                                                      

  • acomposition of 52 essential macro, micro and trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake in Utah.
  • Combined with essential amino acids, antioxidant fruit extracts, vitamins and a prebiotic
  • it’s a powerhouse nutritional formula designed for today’s busy lifestyles.
  • Suitable for all ages and diets including vegans/vegetarians.
  • Contains natural fruit sugars with no added sweeteners

Advanced nutition for an active healthy life!

Your active  healthy life begins with the daily renewal and nutritional support of your body.

Neways Health and Wellness range brings you youthful vitality through innovative nutritional products!

Experience Neways supplements for 90 days and see the difference !!


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