Lifestyle Choices Today that Can Multiply Your Tomorrows

Lifestyle Choices Today that Can Multiply Your Tomorrows

One of the key things you can do to extend not only the quantity of your years, but also the quality, is to make a few simple changes to your lifestyle.  

One of the most important changes is regulating your insulin through diet and exercise.

Optimizing your insulin and leptin levels have been found to be key factors in slowing down the aging process.

Consuming sugar and grains will increase your insulin level, which is the equivalent of slamming your foot on your aging accelerator. There’s simply no more potent way to accelerate aging than sticking to a diet full of sugar and grains.

When consumed in excess, sugar and fructose in particular, act as a toxin and drive multiple disease processes in your body, not the least of which is insulin resistance, a major cause of accelerated aging.”  Exerpt Dr Mercola 23/12/12




  • One key to building a more appropriate relationship with food is to stop eating when we are no longer hungry, rather than eating until we are too full.
  • The problem is that we usually eat until our plate is cleared or the package is empty.
  • Rather than mindlessly eating until the food is gone, plan ahead and make smaller portions of food available so you don’t overeat.
  • To help yourself stop eating when you’re no longer hungry, try dishing out about 20% less food at the beginning of your meal than you think you might want to eat.
  • Most likely you won’t notice the missing 20%.
  • But if you feel like you’re still hungry, try replacing 20% of the meat or pasta with 20% more fruits and vegetables.

Well help is at hand   !

It’s important to have weight-loss goals, but instead of setting yourself up for failure by focusing on your ideal body weight, identify a few different benchmarks.

These might include desired weight, acceptable weight, healthy weight, etc.

Keep these benchmarks realistic, and remember that because of normal, daily fluctuations in weight, you should think of a five-pound weight range rather than a set number (for example, 143–147 lbs.).

When it comes to fitness and weight consciousness it can be a noisy and confusing world out there.

Many products and programmes compete for your attention and some can take an unrealistic one-size-fits all approach to helping you.

FitChoice engages both your body and your brain, so you can reset your habits and attitudes and make long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes.

What can FitChoice do for you ?

Track your progress
Log your food
Help you with “Smart goals”
Help you lose weight
“Find Your Path” Self-Assessment
By analysing your answers to 21 questions, FitChoice helps you pinpoint two key things about yourself:
1. What type of eater you are — designating you a FitChoice“Eating Type” classification.2. How comfortable you are with your fitness and weight objectives and adapting your habits.With these two vital pieces of information, FitChoice recommends products and support tools for your individual needs.Answer each question with the answer that most closely represents you.
Sometimes two answers will fit well or it may be harder to select the best fit, but try to go with your strongest instinct and be honest in your answers.After you complete the self-assessment, you’ll find out your eating type and comfort level.
Then you can get started with your FitChoice Foundation Pack and support tools!

Take your FREE self assessment today !

Go to , click on the FitChoice logo, select language and away you go !

It’s as easy as that !

Plus ! Who would like energy whilst they’re involved in weight management ?

FitChoice can give you that as well ! Any questions ? Just ask me !  Maggie Pascoe

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