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Recently, Neways announced the launch of FitChoice, a comprehensive weight-loss solution designed to fit each individual’s unique situation and lifestyle.

FitChoice’s product lineup focuses on specific issues that can cause weight problems, and the FitChoice program offers support tools that take a body-and-mind approach to weight management.

“Many programs designed to deal with weight management ignore the mental component associated with changing destructive habits and adopting a new lifestyle,” said Jennifer Wolbers, vice president of sales and marketing.

“FitChoice embraces both physiological and mental needs to deliver the tools the user needs to succeed.

Simply put, FitChoice removes the uncertainty and gets each user started on their customised way to a better, more fulfilling, and healthy lifestyle.”

FitChoice’s two-fold approach is designed to help users implement mindful eating habits and learn to set goals that produce optimal results for their specific needs.

“FitChoice is truly a unique option in weight management today,” said Colette Dahl, brand manager of FitChoice Weight Management.

“Starting with a simple self-assessment on, users can find their specific eating type and their level of comfort with lifestyle change and then access products and support tools that support a comprehensive body and mind solution.”

FitChoice is composed of six products divided into separate system approaches that address emotional eating, environmental eating, and mindful eating habits.

Each product pack is specifically formulated to address these eating habits.

The program also offers menus, exercise routines, goal setting, and other tools customized to each individual’s level of comfort with lifestyle change.

“Along with powerful new products, FitChoice also offers a significant business opportunity to our distributors,” Wolbers said.

“FitChoice represents our commitment to providing our distributors with the best opportunities to grow their Neways business.

With the unique and highly shareable self-assessment, it is easier than ever to spread the word about the phenomenal products and opportunity of FitChoice. We are already seeing people who have positively transformed their lives with this program.”

About FitChoice

  • FitChoice is a mind-and-body weight-loss solution that is customized to fit each user’s unique situation and lifestyle.
  • FitChoice consists of six powerful products and several support tools that encourage healthy lifestyle changes.
  •  Developed by experts in weight-related issues, the FitChoice program begins with the “Find Your Path” self-assessment, which allows users to identify their own eating type and comfort level in making lifestyle changes. FitChoice then provides personalized product and support-tool recommendations.
  • FitChoice is now available in Japan, New Zealand, and Europe,( including France) and it will launch in Australia in early 2013.
  •  For more informationabout the pioneering programme and the free Self Assessment and apps to help you, visit

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