Health matters – Diabetes and FitChoice

When I read this, it makes me realise why I am training as a FitChoice coach.

  • There is more to FitChoice than meets the eye.
  • It is improving and changing so many lives.

A FitChoice testimonial

My husband has Type 1 Diabetes and has been on the FitChoice programme since last October.

He replaces lunch with a shake and treats it as a ‘zero’ carbohydrate meal, therefore doesn’t have insulin for this meal. (He has lost 9+ kilos and 4″ off his waist alone).

As a result of the weight loss, his diabetes control has improved (lower HBa readings). DAFNE system (for Type 1 Diabetics) ties in perfectly well

Other benefits :

  • FitChoice protein shakes are gluten free,
  •  so that opens the door for people who suffer from gluten allergy,
  •  they too can be helped in their weight management path.

The health benefits are not only weight, but life changing!

  • I can reach my feet now,
  •  I don’t get breathless going up hill and
  •  I sleep better.

For more information about FitChoice and the pioneering weight management programme  you can contact me :

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