Health Matters – Cruelty free products

Health Matters – Cruelty free products

Following the FANTASTIC NEWS ! Starting today, any cosmetics product or ingredient that is tested on animals can’t be sold in the European Union!

“Any cosmetics product or ingredient that is tested on animals anywhere in the world cannot be sold in the European Union. So every one of the 500 million EU consumers will be purchasing only cruelty-free cosmetics.”

Neways have been creating and manufacturing ” cruelty -free” products for 25 years !

Our mission started in 1987, when the founders discovered that mainstream products often contained the same potentially harmful ingredients as found in chemical formulations.

In response, Neways began manufacturing safety-conscious alternatives

About Neways

Today, those core principles are still the foundation on which Neways continues to build its business. Neways formulates, manufactures, and distributes over 200 different products in three major categories and markets them in over 30 countries worldwide.

The global headquarters of Neways is still in Utah, in the United States, where the company owns its own research and development laboratories, filling and production plant, and warehousing and logistics facilities.

 In Europe, Neways operates from a centralised regional office in Brussels (Belgium) and our products are shipped and warehoused in Venlo, in the Netherlands

Click on the link below to find out about Neways Healthy Homes !

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