Health benefits – the humble ” plant network”!

Health benefits – the humble ” plant network”!

Now here’s an idea !

  • British researchers have discovered plants have a highly complex underground communication network, formed by a type of fungi called mycorrhizae
  • Mycorrhizae attach to the roots of plants, sending out fine thread-like filaments to the roots of other plants and forming an underground web that can stretch dozens of meters in a virtual “plant Internet”
  • These filaments not only increase nutrient uptake 100 to 1,000 times, but also serve as an early warning system to connected plants so they can build up their defenses when a threat presents itself
  • This finding has profound implications for how we grow our food, as we may be able to include “sacrificial plants” marked for pest infestation so that the network can warn, and thereby arm, the rest of the crop
  • You can use commercially grown mycorrhizae in your own ecofriendly garden to boost its nutrient value and overall health, as long as you remember a few basic principles

It’s important to remember that mycorrhizae must be applied to the roots of your plants. If you just sprinkle the granules onto the soil and they don’t make contact with the roots within about 48 hours, they’ll die and your efforts will be wasted. So, you can make a “tea” out of it and apply it as a spray, or you can rub a small amount directly onto the roots of your transplant. But it has to come into direct contact with some part of the root.

The only vegetable garden occupants that will not benefit from mycorrhizae are your brassicas (members of the mustard family, such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, radishes, etc.), because they don’t allow this colonization. But all your other veggies will love you for it.

The benefits will be even greater in a year or two, after the mycorrhizae really have a chance to grow and spread.


Also, remember to refrain from tilling and manipulating the soil. This isn’t necessary and is actually counterproductive, as it disrupts helpful organisms and crushes their tunnels.

Just topdress your garden with a blend of good compost and topsoil each year, and leave the bed alone, which will allow those beneficial organisms to grow and flourish, undisturbed.


When you practice ecofriendly gardening, you greatly lessen your need for fertilizers and herbicides, reduce your need for watering, and reduce runoff and erosion, while giving your garden plants the best nutrition and resistance to disease.

And best of all, a healthy veggie garden means more nutrients passed along to you ! exerpts from Dr Mercola – “Scientists discover”





There’s a lot that we can ” learn” from plants, most has yet to be documented !
Suffice to say that we are all intertwined ! We certainly don’t work independantly !
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