Health benefits – The Humble Courgette

Known in much of Europe as courgette, the zucchini is a deceptively humble summer squash variety.

Notoriously forgiving to even first-time gardeners, courgettes may overwhelm you with their bushels of bounty.

For this reason, they are also one of the least expensive vegetables for shoppers at farmers markets and supermarkets. But don’t confuse courgette’s no-fuss growing conditions with a lack of complex nutritional benefits.

Along with its nutrients, the green vegetable offers the versatility through its usefulness in salads, cooked dishes and even tea breads and cakes.

Courgettes and other squash varieties contribute about 2 g of fiber per cup, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The fiber content remains the same whether the courgette is raw or cooked.

The courgette serving gives you 8 percent of your recommended daily amount of fiber.

The insoluble fiber in courgettes promotes healthy digestion, which contributes to weight loss, cancer prevention and the halting of diseases like diverticular disease, according to the online Merck Manual of Medical Information.

Vitamins and Minerals
Summer squash is rich in calcium, folic acid, iron and the vitamins A and C.

The CDC says that raw squash contains more vitamins than cooked versions. A 1-cup serving of raw courgette provides 15 and 10 percent of your RDA for vitamins A and C, respectively. In comparison, the same amount of cooked courgette provides 4 and 8 percent — a still significant contribution of nutrients.

Both A and C vitamins are antioxidant nutrients that help your body’s immune system and fight aging.

Calcium promotes bone and dental strength, folic acid promotes fetal development and builds immunity, while iron is crucial for energy and properly oxygenated blood.

Other Benefits
A cup of cooked courgette contains only 16 calories and virtually no saturated fat.
Of the fat that it does contain, most of it comes from omega-3 fatty acids, which are associated with stabilizing “bad cholesterol.” It is also a source of amino acids like phenylalanine and cystine, making it useful for vegans and vegetarians looking to build complete proteins by combining foods.

Serving Suggestions
Add grated courgette to pasta sauce and casseroles. The grated vegetable is also a classic main ingredient in the tea bread known in the U.S. as zucchini-nut bread. Sliced or grated raw courgette also works well in salads or in fillings for sandwich wraps or pitas. Cut into spears, courgettes make a colorful addition to the crudites platter. Saute or steam the vegetable to serve a as a side dish at dinner, or mix it with yellow squash, tomatoes and eggplant. Alternatively, make a complete meal by stuffing and baking the courgette halves with rice, ground meat or tofu and other vegetables and serving the courgette “boats” with tomato sauce.

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