Health benefits – silicon dioxide ?

 Health benefits – silicon dioxide ?

Silicon dioxide – is something that we normally associate with manufacturing and industry, but in doing research I have discovered that we can benefit from its properties in dietary ways as well.

What Food Is Silicon Found In ?  Jul 10, 2010 | By Sydney Brackett

“Silicon is involved in normal bone growth and calcification, and the formation of collagen and connective tissues such as tendons. Silicon is found in most foods, and the body only needs small amounts for dietary purposes.

Excellent sources of silicon are grains and beer.

The Institute of Medicine has not established a recommended dietary intake for silicon.
The Basics
Silicon is a nonmetallic element on the periodic table. It has an atomic weight of 28. Silica refers to naturally occurring materials composed principally of silicon dioxide. Silicone refers to a man-made polymer of alternating oxygen and silicon atoms. Silicon is not found singularly in nature, but occurs primarily bound to oxygen.

Food Sources
Silicon is primarily found in plant-based foods. The Institute of Medicine says beer, coffee and water are the major contributors of silicon in the diet; grains and vegetables are also good sources of silicon. The process of refining foods, such as grains, reduces the silicon content in such foods. Silicate additives in food raise silicon content.”

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Natural Foods That Contain Silicon Dioxide  –  Aug 18, 2011 | By Tracey Roizman, D.C.

“Silicon, a naturally occurring element, is pervasive in the environment and the second-most common element in the Earth’s outer crust.

This element is beneficial for a variety of health functions. Most silicon exists in a form that is unabsorbable.

However, some foods contain significant quantities of silicon dioxide, a usable form of the element.

Though silicon has not been determined to be an essential nutrient and there is no recommended allowance, the European Food Safety authority recommends a safe daily limit of 700 mg.

The average adult consumes between 20 and 50 mg of silicon per day. In general, plants contain silicon, while the mineral is absent from animal foods. Depending on where you live, your drinking water may constitute a natural source of silicon in your diet. Beer also provides ample quantities of silicon, possibly derived from the grains it is made from.”

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Silicon supports joint function and also plays a crucial role for maintaining healthy skin.

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