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Some of the most widely held “beliefs” about proper skin care are actually myths, such as the idea that all sun exposure and tanning must be avoided, or it’s preferable to use sunless tanning lotions than go out in the sun
Many also mistakenly believe that skin care products on the market are safe, when in reality many contain chemicals that have never been tested for safety, along with those linked to cancer and hormone disruption
In order to have clear, healthy skin, you need to make sure your body is relatively free of toxins and full of nutrients, so cleansing your body of dangerous substances while eating the healthiest foods is essential

Your skin is your largest organ, and far from being just a passive “covering” on your body, your skin is a complex system made up of nerves, glands and cell layers that play an intricate role in your health.             

In fact, healthy skin not only serves as a buffer that helps protect your body from extreme temperatures and chemicals, it also produces antibacterial substances to protect you from infection and enables your body to produce vitamin D when exposed to the sun. It is also densely packed with nerve cells that act as messengers to your brain, making your skin a crucial part of your interactions with the world around you.

Obviously, for these reasons taking good care of your skin is of crucial importance, and will also help your skin appearance to stay soft, supple and glowing, rather than prematurely wrinkled or rough.

Getting safe sun exposure every day is actually one of the best actions you can take for your health, as this is how your body produces enough essential vitamin D, which is known to protect against cancer (including melanoma) and support your immune system, cardiovascular system, kidney function, bones and teeth, muscle strength and much more.

While excessive sun exposure, such as getting sunburned, can certainly damage your skin, sensible sun exposure is not only quite healthy, it’s a fundamental step in reaching optimal health.

The skin around your eyes and your face is typically much thinner than other areas on your body and is a relatively small surface area so will not contribute much to vitamin D production.
So it is strongly recommended that you protect this fragile area of your body, as it is at a much higher risk for cosmetic photo damage and premature wrinkling.
You can use a safe sunblock in this area or wear a cap that always keeps your eyes in the shade.

Top Dietary Tips for Healthy Skin at Any Age

Ideally, your skin care regimen should include steps to address your skin health from the inside out, as well as from the outside in.
The first step should be addressing your diet, as one of the most profoundly effective ways to create the most attractive glow for your skin is by consuming vegetables and fruits that are high in carotenoids.
Carotenoids give red, orange and yellow fruits their color, and also occur in green vegetables.
Studies have shownthat eating foods with these deeply colored pigments can make your face actually look healthier than being tanned.
The more red and yellow tones found in your skin, the more attractive the people were found to be.
The redder tones are caused when people are flushed with blood, particularly if the blood has lots of oxygen in it. Researchers found that, given the choice between skin color caused by suntan and skin color caused by carotenoids, people preferred the carotenoid skin color, so if you want a healthier and more attractive skin color, you are better off eating a healthy diet.

In order to have clear, healthy skin, you need to make sure your body is relatively free of toxins, so cleansing your body of dangerous substances while putting in the finest nutrients is essential.

The organs responsible for providing you with beautiful skin include your liver, kidneys, adrenals, thyroid, and your large and small intestines.

Your liver and kidneys are the two organs that filter out impurities on an ongoing basis.

If your diet is less than ideal, these two organs can easily become overtaxed, which can lead to breakouts and other skin problems.
Your adrenals make many essential hormones, such as pregnenolone, DHEA, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

Hormonal imbalances can also result in problematic skin conditions, so adrenal function is important as well.
A well-nourished, energetic thyroid also provides hormones and works closely with your adrenals to create energy. Dry, flaky, sluggish skin can be evidence of a weak thyroid.
Your small- and large intestines provide nutrients to all your organs and remove waste products from your body.

When waste meant for elimination remains in your intestines your skin becomes thick, oily and blemished. Pure, flawless skin is typically a reflection of clean intestines.     Exerpts from Dr Mercola 26/12/12

            “A perfect blend of science and nature”.

At Neways, we help you maximise your health and beauty while minimising your exposure to ingredients that are scientifically controversial.
With safety and effectiveness in mind, our experts combine the best of science and nature to formulate our advanced nutritional, personal care, and household products.
We are confident that every formula we offer is of the highest quality and is the best that we can provide.
So what’s different about Neways products?

Neways products offer consumers an alternative.
Since its humble beginnings 25 years ago, Neways has strived to provide its customers the safest, most effective consumer products in the world.

Today our products deliver on this promise more deeply than ever before.
As Neways has grown, we have cultivated advanced manufacturing practices and incorporated the latest technologies into our operations for our liquid nutritional products.
All of our products undergo rigorous testing in every phase of development, from research and development to quality control.
The Scientific Advisory Board

Throughout the product development process Neways relies upon the input from a group of scientists worldwide to ensure that each of our product formulas is considered not only safe but efficacious in the eyes of the scientific community.

We have formalised these relationships with the creation of the Scientific Advisory Board.

The Scientific Advisory Board includes renowned researchers and academics that provide Neways with insight and counsel on your behalf and with your health in mind.            

What we don’t put into our products

In the production of our personal care products we exclude the following ingredients:
◦Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
◦Sodium Laureth Sulphate
◦Mineral Oil
◦Diethanolamine (DEA)
◦Triethanolamine (TEA )
◦Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT)
◦Propylene Glycol
◦Our products do not contain any genetically modified ingredients and the raw materials are stringently tested to ensure contaminants are not present.

What we do put into our products
•Stringent quality control standards applied to raw materials and finished products
•Natural raw ingredients and if no other option, only the safest synthetic alternatives
•ISO and GMP production standards
•Biodegradable ingredients
•Recyclable packaging
•Innovative and advanced production processes
•Rigorous safety standards
•Ecofriendly production techniques (and we DO NOT test our products on animals!).

At Neways, we have always known just how to respond to your skin—with safety-conscious formulas that pamper and enrich.

TrueTouch Skincare helps you master the art of healthy communication with your skin.

The TrueTouch precision-engineered formulas feature the perfect ratios of active ingredients, controlling the delivery of compounds that help to moisturise, nourish, and protect your skin.

Each formula—targeted for your specific skin type—gently re-orients your skin.

Whatever your age you can benefit from communicating frequently with your skin.

For a comprehensive over view of the ingredients used – click on to the link below !

One of my favourite products is Brightening C                

TrueTouch Brightening C Complex is a year-round skin and complexion formula which will brighten your complexion, moisturize and strengthen the skin’s natural defences, improve texture and firmness, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.
Its unique anhydrous (water-free) formulation glides luxuriously across skin, encapsulating a powerful form of vitamin C and delivering incredible complexion-enhancing benefits as your skin is bombarded with free radicals.
Brightening C’s antioxidants and vitamin C are your most powerful allies when it comes to protecting yourself from environmental factors day after day.

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