Health benefit – the humble me

Health benefit  –  the humble me


I originally posted this on a “closed” page on Facebook, but I thought that my achievement could, perhaps,give others inspiration !
I’m no longer 21 ! I’m retired, but before I retired,as I’m a nurse,I was working in a nursing home here in France.
This first picture in this post,                                                                P1090810
plus my lack of mobility suddenly made me realise that I could end up like some of ” mes anciens” that I cared for in the home. This frightened me, “for goodness sake! I’m only 62” (when I started , I’ve had a birthday since then !!) Recognising that I needed to take charge of my health occurred at the same time as FitChoice was launched, so here I am and my journey
Morning !
It’s my ” weights & measures ” day today & I’m nearing target !
Just thought I’d share a résumé of my 37 week FitChoice journey.
In that time I have lost 23Kgs ( 3.61st) I know it’s a lot, BUT it is only 620g (1.5lbs) per week. My BMI has gone from 31.5 to 23.4 & overall, this gave me the biggest shock, I’ve lost 93.5cms ( 37.4″) I prefer to read it in cms!!!It looks more impressive! It has been an interesting journey,a few hiccoughs along the way.
I’ve not only lost the weight & inches, but I’ve got to know myself better & I actually LIKE myself now !
I know I would never have achieved what I have achieved without FitChoice & the support.
The path has been made so easy with all the steps in skinny jeans! 001
Half the time I forgot I was actually weight managing !
I have found it fun ( most of the time !!) It has become a way of life!
So as I originally said in my testimonial – FitChoice is not about vanity,(although that does play a part !!) it’s about improving ones health,life and taking responsibility for both.
Because I have benefitted from FitChoice,I feel the need to help others achieve what they have dreamed of, but never had a path to follow,plus have never had someone walk the path with them.
Support is one of the key elements for weight management, plus the need for a realistic & understanding  approach.
I now mentor people to help them address their weight challenges.
Either face to face, but as this is not always possible, by Skype.
FitChoice has all the tools in place, plus me , for those who wish to make the journey!
If you wish to know more about how I can help you achieve your ideal you,
message me or if you go to , click on the FitChoice logo, select language and you can have a look at what’s available from FitChoice.
The only person who can create a happy healthy you – is you !
But it’s amazing what can be achieved if you have someone to work with, share your frustrations & understand the pitfalls.
By understanding your habits, looking at ways of eating   & no I don’t mean just lettuce leaves !!
It can be an interesting journey as well as a rewarding one.
I’ve discovered it – why not you ?!

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