Health benefit – the humble but exotic Mache / Lamb’s Tongue Lettuce !

Health benefit – the humble but exotic Mache / Lamb’s Tongue Lettuce !

Mache, scientific name Valerianella locusta, AKA Vit, Corn salad and Lamb’s lettuce (a name designated because of its leaves’ resemblance to the shape of a lamb’s tongue) is a Stem lettuce type.mache

Unlike most lettuce varieties, Mache grows very low to the ground from individual fragile stems. Because of this, Mache must be harvested with precision, which commands lower production at higher costs. its very nature of cultivation and harvest have given Mache the earned classification of gourmet green, with a price tag to match.


Mache is perhaps one of the most delicate of all salad greens. It forms a loose and wavy rosette of six to eight leaves from its razor thin and tender stems. The stems are lemon lime in color, tender and succulent. The leaves are a key lime green in color, velvety to the touch with a melting quality. Thier flavor is memorably sweet, creamy and nutty.

Nutritional Value

Mache contains substantial levels of

  • B-group vitamins,
  • vitamin C,
  • iron,
  • folic acid,
  • potassium.


Mache’s tender nature affords it only fresh applications or alongside cooked foods but never cooked itself.

It can be utilized for a petite salad or as an accoutrement to appetizer plates and first courses.

Mache thrives in spring and early summer, thus, best companion ingredients include forest mushrooms, spring nions, grapefruit, blood oranges, kumquats, new potatoes, fennel, green garlic, scapes, spring herbs such as parsley, mint and arugula, spring and summer berries and early stone fruit, fresh hen and duck eggs and spring cow’s cheeses.


Mache is native to France, where it has been cultivated since the 17th century under the name, “Doucette”. There are over 200 different Mache varieties, each distinguishing them from one another in flavor, quality and adaptability. Mache was introduced from France to the American commercial market by agricultural innovator and grower, Todd Koons, the same person responsible for the launch of now ubiquitous bagged mixed greens.

Mache established a commercial home among other popular greens in the marketplace during the late 20th century.exerpt from



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