Christmas – Have a Happy Healthy Christmas from Pleine-Vie/Neways !

Just a few sage words !

Stay trim but don’t forget to…

  • Choose your booze: go for spritzers or wine above calorific cocktails or hefty beers.
  • Flick the pie: flick off the top of your mince pie and you lose a third of its 240 calories
  • Observe the singe-handful rule (then stop) with nuts and crisps.
  • Beware canapés: they can be horrifically lardy. Choose uncreamy non-pastry varieties, eat one or two, then just say no.
  • Walk it off: shopping, trips to parties, the after dinner stroll – up your pace and you’ll burn off 200 calories in just half an hour.

Exerpt from How to stay trim over Christmas by Lucy Atkins.Daily Telegraph Monday 24 December 2012


Wishing you all a very Happy and healthy Christmas from Maggie and FitChoice  !

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