Maggie Pascoe

Maggie Pascoe

What a good idea!  Well is it?

“Bored, fed up with UK life, let’s sell up and move to France .”

Well that’s just what we did 18 years ago.

In hindsight, one wonders why ?

My husband Andy, no French at all.  Me, failed “O” level French, what in our right minds possessed us to do it?

I suppose implicit faith that we would succeed. On getting here, reality sets in, language barrier is immense and although UK & France have been associated for hundreds of years, the culture differences are all too apparent !

Still 18 years on, we are still  here, having started and lost a business, got jobs, my husband “convoi exceptionel” and me a nurse in a nursing home (EPHAD ) function publique territorial, both of us now retired. 

This puts me in an ideal position to start again, this time with Modere.

I had been associated with the legacy company, Neways, for 17 years & now with Modere – continuing on with the same safe theme ,Modere have taken on the mantle & is showing the way forward .

So if you are looking to “transfer spend” in order to have safe products or whether you wish to improve your wealth as well as your health, why not contact me & see how I can help you & your family.


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