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Have you gone Green yet?

All foods have some nutritional value, but there are some that are so beneficial to your health they are known as ‘superfoods’.   Green Qi supplies your body with a multitude of fruit and vegetable ingredients to help maintain energy, healthy body cells, support antioxidants and support healthy digestion. The Green Qi formula is rich […]

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For a refreshing cool down – TrueTouch Hydrating Activator

As the summer temperatures soar and we experience sensations of feeling hot and sticky, we have the perfect tip to help you stay cool and refreshed! Simply store your TrueTouch Hydrating Activator in the fridge, then spray a moderate amount onto your face and hands –                        you’ll really feel the difference!

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Revenol — A powerful Antioxidant Formula

  Inside of you, the cells of your body work hard to keep you healthy, day in and day out. Sometimes, though, your cells come under attack from free radicals. Our bodies are exposed to free radicals through the environment and other chemical sources. In addition, the body itself creates free radicals during normal body […]

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How do I know what is safe and what isn’t ?

Ask the SAB :-         Q  :- “Whenever I run an internet search on an ingredient, I find websites and MSDS’s (Material Safety Data Sheets) saying how it is harmful and can cause irritation. How do I know what is safe and what isn’t ? “ A :-  Internet searches regarding the safety of individual […]

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