Many products and programmes compete for your attention and some can take an unrealistic one-size-fits all approach to helping you.

FitChoice engages both your body and your brain, so you can reset your habits and attitudes and make long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes.

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Healthy alternatives

Omega 3

The benefits of Omega 3

The benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids have been recognised ever since scientists discovered a link between good cardiovascular health and Japanese and Eskimo diets.Omega3 EPA

The body does not produce fatty acids naturally so it’s important to incorporate these important docosahexanoic (DHA)

and eicosapentanoic (EPA) Omega-3 fatty acids as part of your daily health regime.


Also what Omega 3 does is manipulates the prostaglandins *  - which is how anti-inflammatory painkillers work.


Neways Omega-3 EPA is derived from high quality fish oil that has been thoroughly tested to ensure it’s free from bacteria, heavy metals and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).


*Prostaglandins are short-lived substances made from fatty acids that play a role in many body functions. Among other things, prostaglandins influence pain signals, regulation of inflammation, maintenance of tissues such as the lining of the stomach, blood clotting and stimulation of cells into action. There are a number of different prostaglandins, each with their own function.


Use –   Omega-3 fatty acids as part of your daily health regime.



Make friends with your gut

Make friends with your gut



*Upset stomachs
* antibiotics
can all deplete healthy populations of colonic bacteria, and gut bacteria are vitally important to our health.
ProtoZymes – a performance formula to support the growth of friendly bacteria.ProtoZymes
Everyone has heard of the ” central nervous system”  - but just as important, if not more so
is the ” gut or ( enteric) nervous system” – it has been called the ” second brain” .
The gut actually tells the brain what to look for in the larder when the going gets tough -
which is why sometimes a ” mac ‘n cheese looks better than an apple at that moment in time. Ha ha !!
There is a vast mass of gut bacteria – most of them ” friendly ” or good bacteria -
in fact without bacteria there would be no life as we know it .
So looking after your gut is vitally important – having a ” good gut flora” is the body’s defense against invaders ,
*appropriate digestion & absorption,
*vitamins & your immune system.
B Vitamins – B1,2,3,6 & 12 ,Biotin ( necessary for cell growth, production of fatty acids & metabolism of fats & amino acids) & active substances are produced by your gut flora.
Nature provides us with our own factory to produce B Vitamins -
but  if your gut flora is compromised, natural B Vitamins won’t be produced.
When people lose their gut flora, they become pale & pasty -
abnormal gut flora = pale & dark circles under the eyes ( lots of young girls have this )
Restore your gut flora & the face becomes rosy again!
We produce a new gut lining every few months.
So we have a good opportunity to replace the bad bacteria. The cell regeneration process is fast.
With the aid of Dr Natasha Campbell McBride -
Neways developed a probiotic – ProtoZymes -
* five strains of beneficial probiotic bacteria,
* promotes growth of beneficial bacteria in the gastro- intestinal tract
* encourages inhibition of pathogenic bacteria
* promotes the removal of toxins in the gastro- intestinal tract
* stable dairy free capsule format -
* suitable for vegans & vegetariansContinuing the thought of boosting your ” healthy life”