Many products and programmes compete for your attention and some can take an unrealistic one-size-fits all approach to helping you.

FitChoice engages both your body and your brain, so you can reset your habits and attitudes and make long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes.

”  Make the Choice that Fits You ”   



my talk this evening,

my talk this evening,

What I’m going to start my talk with this evening, you may think has no relevance to Neways & their products – but to understand the reason behind these products you have to understand a little bit about the ” history of the modern woman/ man”

I am, as they say, of a certain age – therefore I can remember when life was ” simple”
One had ones bar of soap & minimal cosmetics – meat didn’t come in boxes, it came from the butcher. 

When you went shopping , you went to each individual shop – you knew where things came from ( mainly) – food did not need instructions or disclaimers, there were no ” anti- bacterial” soaps, houses weren’t ” clinically clean” or ” hermetically sealed” – most times you learnt about food,eating & general living from watching Mum & on a little stool next to your Mum – and making ” grey- pastry” biscuits or at least they looked like that by the time you had finished ” helping Mum” !Now I’m not saying you don’t do these things – but in general ” life” has taken over & a large percentage of the population do not make time for ” living” -
deadlines,stress,even to a certain degree ” social media ” have changed the way we live – & as a consequence we have never been so well fed- but so poorly nourished.So this is my starting point for tonight – if we can understand our bodies – then we can take charge of our health – inside & out. Let’s start with the inside – according to Dr Natasha Campbell McBride ( Dr,Masters in Med Science Neurology & Nutrition) She has a clinic in Cambridge to ehlp with gur disorders & autistic s) ” all diseases start in the gut ” there is a connection between the state of your gut & the rest of the body.
 Everyone has heard of the ” central nervous system” but just as important, if not more so is the ” gut or ( enteric) nervous system” – it has been called the ” second brain” . The gut actually tells the brain what to look for in the larder when the going gets tough – which is why sometimes a ” mac ‘n cheese looks better than an apple at that moment in time. There is a vast mass of gut bacteria – most of them ” friendly ” or good bacteria – in fact without bacteria there would be no life as we know it . So looking after your gut is vitally important – having a ” good gut flora” is the body’s defense against invaders ,
*appropriate digestion & absorption,
*vitamins & your immune system. B Vitamins – B1,2,3,6 & 12 ,Biotin ( necessary for cell growth, production of fatty acids & metabolism of fats & amino acids) & active substances are produced by your gut flora. Nature provides us with our own factory to produce B Vitamins – if your gut flora is compromised, natural B Vitamins won’t be produced. When people lose their gut flora, they become pale & pasty -
abnormal gut flora = pale & dark circles under the eyes (lots of young girls have this ) Restore your gut flora & the face becomes rosy again! We produce a new gut lining every few months. So we have a good opportunity to replace the bad bacteria. The cell regeneration process is fast.With the aid of Dr Natasha Campbell McBride – Neways developed a probiotic -
ProtoZymes - * five strains of beneficial probiotic bacteria, * promotes growth of beneficial bacteria in the gastro- intestinal tract * encourages inhibition of pathogenic bacteria * promotes the removal of toxins in the gastro- intestinal tract * stable dairy free capsule format – * suitable for vegans & vegetariansContinuing the thought of boosting your ” healthy life”
Minerals are necessary to keep our bodies functioning properly- unfortunately due to soil depletion, we no longer obtain the all essential minerals & trace elements through the food we eat – plants can still grow in soils lacking minerals – but as these minerals are vital to humans- a lack of them can result in deficiency problems.
The body needs 60 different minerals on a daily basis & is dependent upon these organic colloidal minerals to perform tens of thousands of biological functions.
These minerals also play an essential & critical role in DNA synthesis. Old cells are always being replaced & are almost totally dependent on trace minerals. Therefore organic colloidal minerals are the essential ” spark of life” that generate & maintain electrical production in our bodies, but they have to be replaced.
is the best mineral supplement in the world – it contains 52 macro,micro & trace minerals – it features B-Vitamins,amino acids, phytochemicals & a prebiotic – it is sourced from non- GMO components – & has a high bio- availability.
The other ” big players ” in the ” key nutritional selection” are :-
* Revenol -
a powerful broad spectrum anti- oxidant – rich formula providing both fat – soluble & water soluble antioxidants for optimal nutritional variety.
*Omega 3 EPA -
an essential for the production of fatty acid . Fatty acids are not made naturally by the body – so they must be consumed through diet.
*Green Qi -
supplies your body with a multitude of fruit & vegetable ingredients to help maintain energy,healthy body cells,boost antioxidants & support healthy digestion.So that’s got your inside sorted !
Plus in conjunction with your healthy inside – there is a system to help with your weight management -
* FitChoice not only a range of products to help you on your weight loss quest but also support tools such as a progress a FitChoice coach – We work together to achieve your goal. So now we’ve addressed the inside needs – lets look at the ” outside you “

The new edition ! La nouvelle édition !

The new edition / la nouvelle édition !



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Author:Maggie Pascoe (G+)